Monday, October 15, 2012

Murderous Melodies (Written In Blood vol.3)

As promised, here's another volume in the Written In Blood series for the countdown to Halloween. More romantically macabre soundtrack music that's either out-of-print, unreleased, rare, or just plain classic. 

WIB Vol. 3  new link 1/25/13

Movie List*
1. Horror Express
2. Count Dracula
3. The Car
4. The Rose Of Iron
5. La Polizia Sta A Guardare (aka The Great Kidnapping)
6. Nosferatu The Vampyre
7. Beyond Fear
8. Killer Nun
9. Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red)
10. Fearless Vampier Killers
11. But Is He A Vampire?
12. The Omen
13. Naked Fists
14. Who Saw Her Die?
15. Klute
16. So Sweet... So Perverse
17. Fantastic Planet
18. Citta Violenta (aka Violent City)
19. Flesh For Frankenstein
20. Kaiserstrasse
21. The Changeling
22. What Have You Done To Solange?

*see previous post note


  1. Wow — just catching up with this stuff — superb! Thanks so much!

  2. New link up, get it while it lasts!

  3. dAng
    missed it again
    its 12/18/12 as i write
    and the new 12/15/12 link is dead already
    whats with mediafire lately ???
    they used to be reliable
    fingers still crossed
    for vol. 3 & 4
    thAnx Nate

  4. i now feel complete
    tip of hat from bottom heart
    this feast of fresh blood

    ~thank u haiku ~