Sunday, October 7, 2012

The A Capella Scream (Written In Blood Vol.2)

The A Cappella Scream is the second volume in the Written In Blood series. Again, I re-imported all the music at 320kps. There are a few songs that are either under the orginal titles (which may differ from the track listing on the back cover) or slightly different version with better sound quality. When I first put these comps together some of the soundtracks weren't released so I took the tracks from VHS or DVD. Since then there have been quite a few scores that have finally come to see the light of day, albiet in limited editions (i.e. Virgin Among The Living Dead). Hope you enjoy this 2nd volume.

WIB Vol.2 new link 1/25/13

Movie list*
1. Wait Until Dark
2. He and She
3. Vampyros Lesbos
4. Veruschka
5. Rosemary's Baby
6. The Night Strangler
7. Virgin Among The Living Dead
8. Twisted Nerve
9. Dernier Domicile Connu
10. The Dunwich Horror
11. Vampyros Lesbos
12. Bloodstained Butterfly
13. Dirty Harry
14. Rose Of Iron
15. Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders
16. Fantastic Planet
17. The Red Queen Kills 7 Times
18. The Wicker Man
19. Suspiria
20. Who Saw Her Die?
21. The Tenant
22. Fearless Vampire Killers
23. Daughters Of Darkness
24. Klute
25. Devil's Nightmare
26. Exorcist 2 The Heretic
*(note: There are a few non horror/thiller films that start showing up on this volume. My excuse for including them is that the scores themselves have a romantically macabre quality to them.)

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