Friday, October 26, 2012

The Minor Key (Written In Blood Vol.4)

Here's Vol.4. It has one of my favorite songs (and poster used for the cover) from The Haunting Of Julia. I remember getting into a bidding war for that score on ebay years ago. It was also one of those soundtracks that is quite a bit different than the music recorded for the film.

Closing in on Halloween, hope you have your costumes picked out!

WIB Vol.4  1/25/13

Movie list:
1. The Haunting Of Julia (Full Circle)
2. Carrie
3. The Dead Zone
4. Dracula (Dir. John Badham)
5. The Shining
6. The Amityville Horror
7. Dracula (Dir. Dan Curtis)
8. Halloween
9. The Ring
10. The Shining
11. The Thing
12. Donnie Darko
13. Dirty Harry
14. Suspiria
15. Who Saw Her Die?
16. Let The Right One In
17. Donnie Darko
18. Ghost Story
19. Mama Dracula
20. Spasmo
21. The Pyx (The Hooker Cult Murders)


  1. Would you repost this and 1-3? I am pretty excited about these.

  2. would love to hear vol. 3 & 4 - thAnx

  3. cheers Nate
    bloody well done
    every track a treat
    every volume a treasure
    cant say which WIB i like best
    it may take a lifetime.... or even longer
    well worth the wait and worth their weight in solid ghoul