Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cinematic Sound Selections Vol.1

Summer is in full swing! So here's a batch of songs that should suit the warm evenings well. I've had this kicking around in various versions for years. Some of the tracks are a little more common since I first put it together, but they're great none the less. In all my record collecting of horror soundtracks I've come up with a bunch of non-horror scores that I always wanted to make a mix of. A couple of the great composers aren't on here because I've made comps of their work on this blog before (John Barry, Roy Budd).Hope you enjoy, wish I could have included that dream package of contents listed above.CineSoundVol.1


  1. Track 7 is actually by Jean-Claude Vannier, oops.

  2. thanks for the great share this is really cool audio treat