Friday, October 10, 2014

The Devil's Lullaby (Written In Blood Vol.5)

Volume 5, like the others, is re-imported at 320kps. It took me 5 volumes in to use "Tubular Bell's", trying to stick to the "Original Soundtrack" template, since Tubular Bells wasn't recorded for The Exorcist. But I figured it's so iconic, and I love it, that an excerpt wouldn't hurt.

WIB Vol.5   New link 10/25/19


  1. Utterly fantastic!
    When I saw the tracklist, I knew this wasn't the regular spooky/halloweenish I saw a real artist's creation, and what a masterpiece it is my friend!
    Superb style and impeccable taste weave sublime visions that speak to the dusks and twilights of my soul...a perfect soundtrack to invisible movies of the spirit world here in the mysterious heart of October Country...
    Thank You for this wealth of wonderful music,
    so perfect for the season!
    Now to check the other six volumes...ya hoo! :)

  2. Hey October Country, glad you like the compilations. It's nice that people who appreciate this kind of music are finding these and enjoying them.