Saturday, August 24, 2013

View-Master's 75th Anniversary

With Viemaster turning 75 I figured it would be fun to make some fake Viewmaster sleeves. I have to admit, I was inspired by another fan who has some cool fake packaging as well. I started getting into them again a few months ago and found out they were created in my home town of Portland, Oregon.


  1. Dibs on John Carpenter Viewmasters! I would have them all in a collection:”Assault on Precinct 13”, “Halloween”, “Escape From New York”, “The Thing”, “They Live”. Maybe some contemporary hits, as well, such as the Saw franchise, or the recent Conjuring. Just for the added thrills, heheh. You can actually have these things built now. It doesn't have to be just a fake sleeve anymore.

  2. Nice suggestions, Francesca. I thought of doing Halloween, and I love The Thing.

    It's funny, my next door neighbor works for Image 3d! I've been researching taking stereo photos so I can make my own at some point.

  3. I'm surprised if there's truly no legitimate VM reel of the HULK TV show, as that was certainly the right era, and would seem to have fit the market perfectly at the time.

    1. I know, I wish there were a Hulk View-Master. I Hulked-out when I discovered there wasn't.