Friday, January 10, 2020

Library Music Selections Volumes 1-4

Here's a collected post of all 4 volumes of Library Music Selections complete with download links and streaming options!

Over the years my love for soundtracks from the '70s has broadened to include library music (production music for film, television, and radio). Volume 1 collects some of the heavy hitters in the funk and jazz genres. I think of this as the gateway album to get you hooked for the other 3 volumes.

link to vol.1 NEW LINK!


Vol.2 Deep Cuts and Dark Beats focuses on the darker side library music and the variety of styles that fall under that umbrella. It's like a soundtrack to a horror film that was never made, or the library companion piece to the Written In Blood series. It's more atmospheric than melodic, but there are some great beat driven tracks and eerie pieces that should please any horror music aficionado.



Now with more harpsichord! Volume 3 collects library music with a baroque or classical feel and some folk elements mixed in. Perfect background music for any season. Get your horse and buggy ready for a smooth ride through the countryside!

link to  LM-Vol 3


As the title suggests, Volume 4 is a mix of analog synthesizers, keyboards, organs, and other electronic curiosities. Some tracks were exclusively created with a synthesizer while others use it simply as a texture. It's only the tip of the iceberg, but it's a fun expedition into another genre of library music.

link LM Vol.4



  1. Stumbled across this post after stumbling across your Written In Blood post. although the WIB links are all good, these library posts are dead, Can you please re-up? I've been a huge library music fan for years.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry to mention, but the new link to LM Vol.3 actually provides a copy of WIB 03.

  3. No problem! I just fixed the Vol.3 link.

  4. Thanks very much. All four are great, but Vol. 3 is the one I wanted the most! That style of library track is hard to "track" down!

  5. Thanks, glad you like them! Vol.3 is my favorite too. It should be good to download now.