Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Written In Blood: Romantically Macabre Soundtrack Music Vol. 1-10

Covering six decades of soundtracks with over 200 songs; the Written In Blood series includes unreleased, out-of-print, and classic themes from horror and thriller genres.

It's hard to believe I started this series nearly two decades ago! Since then so many rare horror soundtracks have been reissued or made available for the first time, at least in the vinyl realm, that I know I'm not alone in my appreciation for this genre. I've seen these comps pop up on other blogs, YouTube channels, and CDs on Discogs (someone cleverly named their label after volume 6 for the bootlegs). My favorite sighting of these in the wild has been at Beech Street Parlor, in Portland, Oregon. I was there on Halloween a few years ago and they were playing the mixes with one of their cocktails named after the series!

This posting of music wouldn't be complete without mentioning my friend, Eric Adrian Lee. His musical taste and design work continue to blow me away. If you enjoy these mixes you'll like his too (Nature Film)!

Love Songs For The Lycanthrope download link:

Volume 9! It didn't take a lot of encouragement to venture deeper within the vaults of horror to dig out some more romantically macabre instrumentals. Stereoblade covers a wide swath of music in both style and era, but each song has a place in the annals of horror soundtracks.

Stereo blade download link:

note: For the first time I've come across a theme I can't find a credited artist for! The Babysitter is from a made-for-tv-movie of the same name. There was a whole bunch of library source music used for this, those artists are easy to find, but the main title presents a fun internet challenge.

Here are some rare gems and newly remixed tracks for an expanded edition of Written In Blood Vol.8. The soundtrack odyssey continues with The Piano String Strangler, focusing more on the '80s synthesizer scores while still including some haunting melodies from the '60s and '70s.

The Piano String Strangler download link:

Serenades For The Damned download link:

Download updated with Horror-Fi sound quality and additional streaming option!

Unholy Hymns download link: 

The Devil's Lullaby download link: 


Here's Vol.4. It has one of my favorite songs (and posters, used for the cover) from The Haunting Of Julia (Full Circle). I remember getting into a bidding war for that score on ebay years ago. Enjoy!

The Minor Key download link:
WIB Vol.4

Murderous Melodies download link:


The A Capella Scream is the second volume in the Written In Blood series. This Horror-Fi edition features higher quality music than previous versions and a few alternate tracks. When I first put these mixes together some of the soundtracks weren't released so I ripped the songs from VHS and DVDs. Since then there have been quite a few scores that have finally come to see the light of day, albeit in limited editions. Enjoy!
The A Capella Scream download link:

This special edition of Written In Blood Vol.1 is an essential addition to any audiophile or discerning horror fan's collection. Now in Horror-Fi Stereo! With better sound quality, volume balanced tracks, and improved segues.
Written In Blood download link:
WIB Vol.1